MY DIY — Embroidery Felt Letters on Stitched Pillow

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HOME PEEKS - The Kiddo's Bedroom

So this is not a fancy DIY but its basi­cally an attempted inspi­ra­tion :) A lit­tle inspir­ing dec­o­ra­tion for your pil­low mak­ing fun… A lit­tle stitched felt mes­sage addi­tion to your child’s pillow.



What you need:

  • 2 equal sized pieces of fab­ric with a 1/2 ” inseam.
  • A cou­ple of Sheets of white felt divided into equal sized shapes for let­ter cutting.
  • Embro­di­ary Floss & Needle.
  • Fluff.


  1. Pick a mes­sage for the pillow.
  2. Divide your felt into equal sized shapes (see pic­ture) and then trace let­ters out onto the felt mak­ing sure the sides of each let­ter hits the side of the felt area.
  3. Cut out the letters.
  4. Stitch the let­ters to the pillow.
  5. Sew two pieces of fab­ric together — reversed — leav­ing a gap to stuff in,
  6. Turn right side out.
  7. Stuff with Fluff
  8. Sew up the gap.


HOME PEEKS - The Kiddo's Bedroom




What kind of mes­sage would you put on your kiddo’s pillow?

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